Economic Development Zones

The City of Vineland has designated redevelopment areas that offer special incentives to encourage economic development, business investment, and job creation. Certified businesses in these zones who are eligible may qualify for significant tax credits, sales tax benefits, low interest loans, and other incentive programs.


New Jersey’s Urban Enterprise Program (UEZ) was enacted in 1983 to foster new economic development in designated urban communities by encouraging businesses to develop and create private sector jobs through public and private investment. In order to participate in the Vineland UEZ Program your business must be: registered with the State of New Jersey, be located within one of the state designated zones, be in tax compliance with the State of New Jersey, and be certified by the New Jersey UEZ program. For more information on UEZ certification, please call (856) 794-4000, Ext. 4622.

Benefits to your business include:

  • Low Interest Loans to be used for investments in fixed assets.
  • Reduced Sales Tax, currently at 3.5%.
  • Tax Free Purchases on certain items such as capital equipment, facility expansions, and upgrades.
  • Financial Assistance from agencies such as the New Jersey Economic Development Authority.
  • Subsidized Unemployment Insurance costs for employees who earn less than $4,500 per quarter.
  • Energy Sales Tax Exemption for qualified manufacturing firms with at least 250 employees, 50% of whom are working in manufacturing.
  • Tax Credit Options of up to $1,500 for new permanent full-time employees hired; or up to an 8% Corporate Business Tax credit on qualified investments.


The Vineland Downtown Improvement District (VDID) was created in an effort to preserve and enhance the function and appearance of the traditional business core of the city. Businesses located within the boundaries of these areas may be eligible for a wide array of incentive programs. For more information, please call (856) 794-8653.

The District includes the following redevelopment areas:​

  • The Landis Avenue Main Street District is located from N. East Boulevard to East Avenue and from the south side of East Wood Street to the north side of East Elmer Street. The principal permitted uses include storefronts, retail, banks, restaurants, stores, and shops. Offices are permitted on upper floors only, except offices with walk-in trade.
  • The Landis Avenue Commercial District is located from North West Boulevard to West Avenue and from the south side of West Wood Street to the north side of West Elmer Avenue. The principal permitted uses include retail sales and services, professional offices, financial institutions, restaurants, convenience stores, houses of worship, funeral homes, social service, and training facilities.
  • The Plaza Commercial District is located on the north side of Landis Avenue between West Avenue and Delsea Drive. The principal permitted uses include mixed use commercial, lodging, restaurants, financial institutions, health clubs, and exercise facilities,​

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